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The signing of the Film co-production agreement will lead to mutual exchange of art and culture, create goodwill and better understanding among the people of both the countries as well as various aspects of film making.
A particularly noteworthy project is the shark thriller Bait 3D (2012), an Australian-Singaporean co-production that received some supplementary funding from China and premiered at the Venice Film Festival.
These international co-productions are distinct from Canadian-American co-ventures, which may benefit from tax credits and Cancon broadcast license fees, but not direct public funding.
New Zealand already maintains co-production agreements with Australia, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Surely European co-production has many advantages for films -- financially, creatively and for international distribution.
The co-production agreements signed so far seek to achieve economic, cultural and diplomatic goals.
Singapore is the first country in Asia to enter into a Film Co-production Agreement with China.
Co-production treaties have helped to overcome these issues and have enhanced the industry value chain by providing opportunities for professional and technical training, the provision of shooting and editing facilities, and an improved understanding of available distribution channels.
The concept of co-production aligns with the guiding principles of the MPA in that it:
Michael Dowse's It's All Gone Pete Tong had a moderate run in Toronto, but that again is a co-production, set in Ibiza, Spain, about a British DJ, albeit directed by a Canadian.
A&E vp Delia Fine stressed the importance of picking a compatible co-production partner: "if you don't have a shared vision, it can all end in tears.
Co-production in opera is a little like co-habitation in life.