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CO2ECarbon Dioxide Equivalent
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In 2017 alone, the US military purchased about 269,230 barrels of oil a day and emitted more than 25,000 kt- CO2e by burning those fuels, the researchers said.
They estimated such a design intervention could reduce the footprint by between 100-500Kt CO2e annually - the carbon footprint of roughly 30,000 UK homes.
The "Hourly Energy Emission Factors for Electricity Generation" compiled by NREL show that the range of CO2e emissions associated with electricity delivered shows wide hourly variability throughout the year: the ratio between minimum and maximum CO2e emissions factors can vary by a factor of more than three times (NREL 2017).
The report finds that current Paris pledges make 2030 emissions likely to reach 11 to 13.5 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (GT CO2e) above the level needed to stay on the least-cost path to meeting the 2 degrees Celsius target.
The packaging and paper group commits to reducing its specific production-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 0.25 tonnes CO2e per tonne production by 2050.
The introduction of new technology will lead to a reduction of over 250,000 tonnes of carbon-dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year.
These projects are expected to reduce GHG emissions by over 23,000 metric tons of CO2e annually.
The assessment took into consideration and accounted for any activity, direct and indirect, that could generate CO2e, during their cleaning process.
Preserving the Planet : Based on a 2012 baseline, Xerox has reduced energy consumption by 20 percent and cut emissions by 28 percent -- that is 92,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) across worldwide sites.
There are three metrics currently available for the indexes, using Trucost data and analysis: carbon footprint, which is the metric tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) per $1 million invested against the index; carbon efficiency, which is the metric tons of CO2e per $1 million of a company's revenues against the index; and fossil fuel reserves, which is the greenhouse gas emissions that could be generated if the proven and probable fossil fuel reserves owned by constituents were burned, per $1 million invested.
Vodafone also estimates that the total GHG emissions avoided as a consequence of their IoT technologies and services was 4.9mn tonnes CO2e in 2017.
Globally, it's estimated that food waste is responsible for 3.3bn tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year, taking into account production, harvest, transport, packaging and disposal.