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Chief Supt Coall, boss of Steelhouse Lane Police Station, said: "I am delighted.
Damien Byrne, Jagveen Bagery, Malcolm Coall, Sharon Naughton, Helen Emerson; Claire Greenwood, Ben Evans, Nicola Fleet-Milne, Madeline Reaves; Beth Zaltzman, Tony Dallison, Simon Wales, Emma Whigham; Tim Rayner, Marcia Winter, Simon Gomes, Alastair Willcox
Supt Coall, who went to Stoney Stanton Road in March last year, has moved to a new role with the force in Birmingham.
According to Coall, "Grandparents have helped and supported their families in the past, they do now and no doubt, they will in the future.
Malcolm Coall, chair of the partnership, said: "Even though crime is falling, we should still always consider the security of our properties and own safety.
Chief Superintendent Malcolm Coall, from West Midlands Police, said the incident was "not random".
Supt Coall added he hoped it would encourage people who would not normally speak to police or visit a police station to speak to officers.
Det Chief Insp Malcolm Coall said: "We need to catch this man.
Detective Inspector Malcolm Coall, head of the Birmingham unit, said: 'These are despicable crimes carried out by ruthless people.
Chief Supt Malcolm Coall, of West Midlands Police, said the shooting, which happened at around 9.
Outside court, Lyte's solicitor Margaret Coall - flanked by the defendant's parents - confirmed the defence team were appealing.
But Supt Malcolm Coall, of Stoney Stanton Road police, said since April this year there had been 38 fewer violent crimes compared to the same period last year.