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The five habitats were named for unique characteristics: "red turf reefs" (RTR), "red sea urchin reefs" (RSUR), "canopy gardens" (CanG), "understory gardens" (UG), and "cobble gardens" (CobG).
Primary Secondary Lobster Habitat Characteristics Characteristics Affinity RTR reefs, Eisenia sand, var(depth), 0.347 arboria, Cystoseira relief, ledges, osmundacea, red turf crevices, overhangs, algae, articulated Laminaria farlowii coralline algae RSUR bedrock, rock, var reefs, crevices 0.310 (depth), relief, overhangs, Agarum fimbriatum, Desmerestia ligulata, brown turf algae CanG crevices, Macrocystis bedrock, bedrock with 0.216 pyrifera, crustose sand, ledges corraline algae UG bedrock with sand, Desmerestia ligulata, 0.095 ledges, articulated coralline Pterygophora, algae californica, Laminaria farlowii CobG cobble, sand Pterygophora 0.068 californica Table 2.