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Turning to novels, Codr offers a refreshing analysis of Robinson Crusoe that rejects its typical association with economic individualism and productivity to argue instead that it is committed to the benefits of insecurity and disruption.
Codr concludes with a chapter that argues (once again, counterintuitively) against the centrality of prudence to Henry Fielding's work, specifically the play The Modem Husband and the novel Tom Jones.
The final section on Tom Jones applies this lesson in unsought rewards to Tom, whom Codr identifies as virtuous insofar as he remains unwilling "to think through the consequences of his actions" (176).
The CODR is directed by James Cloyd, PharmD, Lawrence C.
In addition, researchers at CODR are working on a rescue therapy for epileptic patients--one that may allow providers to determine the severity of a case even sooner to expedite treatment.