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CoHCity of Heroes (gaming)
CoHCompany of Heroes (game)
COHCity of Hope
COHControlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation
COHCity of Houston
COHCourt of Honor (Boy Scouts of America)
COHCoalition on Homelessness
COHCoefficient Of Haze
COHCessation of Hostilities
COHCenter for Oral History
COHComplex Overhaul
COHChains of Honor (Diablo 2 game)
COHCorporal of Horse
COHChance on Hit (gaming)
COHCall of Hero (Everquest game)
COHCohen Syndrome
COHCorporate Overhead
COHCross of Honor (International Order of DeMolay)
COHChildren's Orthopedic Hospital
COHCompany Overhead (costs)
COHContracting Overhead
COHCollege of Humanities (various schools)
COHCommission on HIV (Los Angeles, CA)
COHContemporary Oral Hygiene (magazine)
COHCradle of Hope (adoption agency; Spring, MD)
COHCenter on Halsted (Chicago, IL)
COHCelebration on the Hill (cancer)
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To date, only one study has investigated the optimal method of IUI timing in COH studies using a variety of COH medication protocols including CC, follicle-stimulating hormone (r-FSH), and letrozole (9).
COH protocols included recombinant FSH (Puregon[c], Merck, or; Gonal-F[c], EMD Serono; r-FSH), clomiphene citrate (CC), and letrozole.
Assad's hard-line position, supported with what has been until now unwavering Russian and Iranian support, makes it impossible to get him to abide by the CoH or negotiate without the threat of military action.
By failing to force Assad to abide by the CoH, the international community is emboldening Assad.
4However recent findings of Oktay K et al, demonstrated that there are multiple major follicle recruitment waves during a menstrual cycle, thus the consideration of a narrow window of opportunity for follicle recruitment may not be true5 From this point of view, we performed random-start COH with the use of recombinant FSH (rFSH) plus an aromatase inhibitor; Letrozole in three women who were diagnosed with cancer and required immediate treatment.
Random-start COH was initiated immediately after oncology council to the patients with an administration of
The COH represents an early air pollution monitoring technique designed to assess compliance with total suspended particulate (TSP) standards [U.
Although it was initially designed as a marker of TSP, the COH measurement method is more strongly predictive of smaller respirable particles in particulate matter < 1 [micro]m in diameter ([PM.
It's great to be around these guys and appreciate them," said COH Program Director Christine O'Coin of Spencer about COH program members.
I didn't back Coh Sho No, but I won't be renewing my membership here.
We will continue to work closely with international and regional partners to ensure full accountability with respect to the CoH and stand ready to impose consequences on those who violate the agreement, also in line with the African Union Peace and Security Council Communiqu of 20 September 2017.
If the royalty revenue stream were to end, Fitch would expect COH to adjust its operating expenses accordingly.