CoKLCity of Kawartha Lakes (Ontario, Canada)
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Tremulation (whole-body vibration (Virant-Doberlet and Cokl, 2004)) and stridulation (the rubbing together of body parts) are frequently used by insects (Dumortier, 1963; Walker and Carlysle, 1975; Carisio et al., 2004; Virant-Doberlet and Cokl, 2004; Nakano et al., 2008), spiders (Stratton and Uetz, 1983), and decapod crustaceans (Dumortier, 1963; Hazlett, 1966; Abele et al., 1973; Meyer-Rochow and Penrose, 1976; Sandeman and Wilkens, 1982; Popper et al., 2001; Bouwma and Herrnkind, 2009).
For example, do the vibration-detecting subgenual organs of insects respond to displacement, velocity, acceleration, or a combination of these (e.g., Cokl 1983, Kilpinen & Storm 1997)?
Mechanosensory neurons of insects and spiders also have lower thresholds than we report here (Keil, 1998; Barth and Holler, 1999; Cokl and Virant-Doberlet, 2003).