COLIPCongress for the Liberation of Ikwerre People (Nigeria)
CoLIPCentre of Land Investigation and Planning (Vietnam)
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Baldor gains access to ABB's line of IEC motors, what Colip described as "true European IEC motors.
Colip was paid $490,784 in 2007, including the same salary and incentive payment as Ralston: $310,000 and $15,810.
EC Technology-based molecular imaging agents will utilize SPECT cameras to provide a cost-effective, convenient and widespread modality for molecular imaging, and since SPECT cameras are already installed in thousands of clinical departments nationwide, the adoption curve for this technology should be reasonably quick," said CellPoint CEO Greg Colip.
Also promoted are Michael Cinquemani, executive vice president of Dodge and international sales; Randy Colip, executive vice president of sales; Gene Hagedom, executive vice president of materials; Randy Waltman, executive vice president of operations; Ed Ralston, executive vice president of business integration; Jason Green, vice president of human resources; Amy Schwan-Burdick, vice president of materials; and Mark Shackel-ford, vice president of information services.
Colip, officer, divisional officer, acquired 3,600 shares via exercise of options at $3.