COLIPCongress for the Liberation of Ikwerre People (Nigeria)
CoLIPCentre of Land Investigation and Planning (Vietnam)
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Household International (NYSE: HI), the 123-year-old, $97 billion (managed assets) consumer lender, announced that Chuck Colip, president of Household Bank, f.
I am excited about the opportunity to work with NHS to help restore hope and local investment in Chicago's neighborhoods," said Colip.
As a member of the Central Board of NHS, Colip will be developing and executing the initiatives for the newly created Homeownership Preservation Initiative, which provides support for Chicago area residents that are at risk of losing their homes due to foreclosure.
Also promoted are Michael Cinquemani, executive vice president of Dodge and international sales; Randy Colip, executive vice president of sales; Gene Hagedom, executive vice president of materials; Randy Waltman, executive vice president of operations; Ed Ralston, executive vice president of business integration; Jason Green, vice president of human resources; Amy Schwan-Burdick, vice president of materials; and Mark Shackel-ford, vice president of information services.
Colip was elected to the position of Vice President - Sales.
Colip, officer, divisional officer, acquired 3,600 shares via exercise of options at $3.