CoMFAComparative Molecular Field Analysis
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Part A: Assessing the performance of the COMFA outdoor thermal comfort model on subjects performing physical activity.
Part B: Revisions to the COMFA outdoor thermal comfort model for application to subjects performing physical activity.
In this very useful study, Kean Gibson, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature at the University of the West Indies, Barbados, focuses on the rituals, beliefs, and practices of a contemporary African-derived religion in Guyana known as Comfa.
One of the markers that differentiates Comfa from other Caribbean religious systems is its apparent derivation from Bantu rather than Yoruba principles.
8A-B) also indicated the conclusion made by CoMFA model; In hydrophobic contour map (Fig.
To study the structure-relationship of those molecules for better modification on this series of compounds, the 3D-QSAR study (including CoMFA and CoMSIA) was applied and two predicted models with good quality were built.
In phase III, three-dimensional chemical structure assessments and molecular alignment were used to develop a CoMFA model (Shi et al.