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COMIConditional Move Instructions
COMICurse of Monkey Island (computer game)
COMICentre of Main Interest (legal)
COMICoalition on Mental Illness (Texas)
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COMI, in partnership with the media would, therefore, embark on a sensitisation exercise beginning with Ashanti Region (Kumasi) to undertake intensive community education on the eradication of vigilantism seen to be threatening the stability of Ghana as a whole.
The Singapore High Court's judgment in this case is a significant step in the development of Singapore jurisprudence under the newly enacted Singapore Model Law and provides guidance on approaches to COMI issues in the future.
Therefore, it is this author's view that Chinese courts should borrow the concept of COMI used in major Cross-border insolvency cases and determine whether China is the COMI for offshore companies.
Nuzzolo and Comi [11,17] indicate a way to estimate the transition probabilities and the expected rewards for intelligent transit networks and thus apply an exact objective optimal strategy search method.
fixed the COMI analysis on the "nerve center" test described
Piergiorgio Lochner, (1,2) Roberto Cantello, (2) Klaus Fassbender, (1) Martin Lesmeister, (1) Raffaele Nardone, (3,4) Antonio Siniscalchi, (5) Nausicaa Clemente, (2) Andrea Naldi, (2) Lorenzo Coppo, (2) Francesco Brigo, (3,6) and Cristoforo Comi (2)
The form of indirect estimation (accessory) of the constitutionality of the law, the question of constitutionality is not meritorious (MERITUM) of the legal proceedings, therefore the decision of the court regarding the constitutionality of the law in this form of deciding has effect only in the concrete case, where such decision on this case by the comi: has concrete effect (inter partes).
Antonio Comi Ramirez dedica su estudio al tema especifico de la carte de visite en La Rioja, con nuevas aportaciones sobre autores instalados en esa comunidad y tambien sobre su manera de hacer fotografia, la presentacion de los retratos.
The axonal loss that is one of the hallmarks of MS pathology and is associated with cognitive impairment and disability may occur early in the course of the disease and is irreversible (Comi, 2008; Glanz, Healy, Hviid, Chitnis, & Weiner, 2012; Reuter et al., 2011; Rieckmann, 2005).
Por culpa de la television que los manipula y los adormece comi con el futbol ...
COMI reports EGP 2,227m in net profit for FY 12, +38% y/y on surging margins, but missing our FY estimates by 4% as the bank continues to book over large provision charges, but topped Bloomberg consensus by 2%.
sh l posi comi Gi expe "Given the uncertainties experienced over the summer, it's also pleasing to note our season-ticket revenues are currently on budget."