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CoMinCouncil of Ministers
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Tom," began Nancy, throwing a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure she was unobserved; "did you know a little girl was comin' here ter live with Miss Polly?"
Any jackass gets aboard one and runs it from hell to breakfast, blowin' his whistle to beat the band and tellin' the rest of the world to look out for him, because he's comin' and can't look out for himself!
You listen, Daylight, an' mark my words, the time's comin' when winter diggin's'll be all the go.
But I'm content, for it's comin' to me, my deary, and comin' quick.
What'll I do, with five mouths to feed an' nothin' comin' in?"
What do you mean by comin' to a hot-el, and asking arter Sam, vith as much politeness as a vild Indian?'
"No, no; don't leave the horses; somebody'll be comin' past, and we can call 'em in."
Cobb, that it made you have lumps in your throat to look at her.' She'll be comin' over to see you, mother, an' you can size her up for yourself.
"Hit's comin', sir; hit's comin' but I'm not a-sayin' wen, an' I've said too damned much now, but ye was a good sort t'other day an' I thought it no more'n right to warn ye.
How do I know if you own the ship even, or that the charter ain't busted long ago, or that you're being libelled ashore right now, or that you won't dump me on any old beach anywheres without a soo-markee of what's comin' to me?
"Which ain't got nothing to do with me as long as you furnish the beer, pay me due an' proper what's comin' to me the first of each an' every month, an' pay me off final in San Francisco.
It tells o Jocky Black readin at 'rhino horn fin poothert intae dust cwid full ye lippen-foo o lust' Jocky it seems tried it on his ain big taenail wi great success as an aphrodisiac - an ye can imagine fit's comin neist fae Jim 'Ay, Ay Robbie, I doobt ye hae been scrapin some sair'.