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CTLCenter for Teaching and Learning
CTLCytotoxic T-Lymphocyte (immunology)
CTLCytotoxic T cell
CTLComputation Tree Logic
CTLComplex Text Layout
CTLCertificate Trust List
CTLCut to Length
CTLConstructive Total Loss
CTLCurriculum, Teaching and Learning
CTLCredit-Tenant Lease
CTLCrossing the Line
CTLConstruction Technology Laboratories, Inc.
CTLCenter for Telemedicine Law
CTLCore Test Language
CTLCritical Task List
CTLChoose the Left
CTLCommercial Testing Laboratory
CTLCharleville, Queensland, Australia - Charleville (Airport Code)
CTLClinical Team Lead (insurance carriers)
CTLComplex Text Language
CTLCentral Testing Laboratory Ltd
CTLCapacitive Threshold Logic
CTLCarrier Tracking Loop (radio electronics)
CTLCandidate Target List
CTLConsumer Testing Laboratory
CTLCombat Training Launch
CTLCoalition Theatre Logistics (Joint US/AS project to improve coalition logistics interoperability)
CTLCanoga Test Laboratory (NASA)
CTLCredit Tenant Leasing
CTLCode Tracking Loop
CTLCompatibility Test Laboratory
CTLCommittee on Technological Literacy
CTLComposite Tape Laying
CTLCTSS Command Language Controller
CTLComputing Technology Laboratory
CTLContingent Termination Liability
CTLCarrier Takeoff & Landing
CTLContractor Tung-Sol (Electronic tubes made by Tungsol for US Army)
CTLConsumables Team Leader
CTLChemical Technology Laboratory
CTLCommittee On Telecommunications Law
CTLControl-Transfer Language
CTLCashier Team Leader (Target stores employee title)
CTLCommand Talking Language
CTLComponent Team Leader (US Navy)
CTLCertification in Transportation & Logistics Program (American Society of Transportation & Logistics)
CTLControl Transfer List
CTLConcurrent Test Latency
CTLCyclotourisme Lionnais (French cycling club)
CTLChildren to Love
CTLChaudronnerie Tuyauterie Launay (French boilermaking company)
CTLConstruction Traditionnelle Loverienne (French construction company)
CTLCentre du Temps Libre (French: Free Time Center)
CTLCentre Textile Logistique (French: Textile Logistics Center)
CTLCertificate in Team Leading
CTLClose the Loop (various organizations)
CTLCentre des Technologies du Logiciel (French: Software Technology Center)
CTLCentre Technique de la Literie (French bedding company)
CTLCreative Technology, Ltd. (various locations)
CTLCompact Track Loader
CTLCustody Time Limit (UK)
CTLCévennes Terre de Lumière (French heritage association)
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The seminar had three papers: 'Prospects of Coal-to-Liquids Technology utilizing Thar Coal by Dr.
Coal-to-liquids has a horrendous carbon footprint even with carbon capture and storage technology and therefore ACF does not support the commercial development of such an option.
coal-to-liquid plant had been slated to be constructed in West Virginia.
Lawmakers from coal producing states of both parties have proposed a variety of financial incentives for companies to build coal-to-liquid plants.
Moving forward, I believe we should invest in coal-to-liquid fuels.
COAL-TO-LIQUID BOONDOGGLE (The Washington Post, Washington)
And coal-to-liquid (CTL) fuel is already in use elsewhere, like South Africa, where it meets 30 per cent of transportation fuel needs.
Biofuels, coal-to-liquid processes and wind will all work, though he said corn-based ethanol would be less successful, since the process must be subsidized.
Among them, the coal-to-liquid fuel sector takes up about half of the investment.
We are keen on Coal India foraying into the coal-to-liquid project, but at present things are at a preliminary stage.
Robert Wright of the Department of Energy said in 2007 that coal-to-liquid technology would only be economical once oil prices were at $40 to $50 a barrel.
Facilities that use hydrocarbon substances as a feedstock--including coal-to-liquid plants will require an expensive process known as carbon capture and sequestration, which catches the carbon during production before it can be released into the environment.