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CSGVCoalition to Stop Gun Violence
CSGVCommunity Solution to Gang Violence (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
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(The public, however, still supports gun control over the NRA's hands-off approach, according to polls.) "In Washington, it's absolute religious faith now that being for gun control is dangerous and bad for Democrats," said Mark Pertschuk, legislative director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, a gun-control group.
For instance, according to a widely circulated pamphlet by the National Coalition to Ban Handguns (now going by the more innocuous name Coalition to Stop Gun Violence), "Most murders are committed by previously law abiding citizens." But as Kates and Kleck document, no evidence whatsoever supports such an outrageous misstatement.
"I think he was listening," said Lori Haas, Virginia director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, whose daughter was wounded in the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, which left 32 dead.
The legislation is also supported by Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence; Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence; March for Our Lives; Team ENOUGH; Change The Ref; Coalition to Stop Gun Violence; Center for American Progress; Violence Policy Center and Everytown.
"The media has a very short attention span," said Ladd Everitt, a spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, which advocates for stricter gun laws.
"I think this tragedy exposes our gun laws for what they are: wildly inadequate and utterly insane," says Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. "We've allowed this kind of carnage to happen through our inaction."
"The legal lay of the land has certainly changed in terms of efforts that might seek to ban handguns," said Ladd Everitt, director of communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.
The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, a Washington-based campaign group, said the remark by Beck, a free agent after being forced out of the Fox News channel earlier this year, was 'absolutely disgusting'.
Keane participated in an National Public Radio interview opposite Josh Horowitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence last May.
The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence blasted the easy access of handguns.
"The question is when and if we're going to have actual gun-control laws at the federal level that are like the laws other real countries have," says Mark Pertschuk, legislative director of Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. "Every single country in the world has license and registration laws for guns.
Michael Beard, Executive Director Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
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