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C1SCoated One Sided Paper
C1SCoated One Side (printing term)
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US R Embodied Spacing ([in.sup.-1] energy Layer material (mm) thickness) (MJ) (a) Mirrorpanel (b) Foil 5 5 -- Paper, coated one side 5 2.7 50-90 Paper, coated two sides 5 3.8 50-90 Type IV XPS (bulk density, 25 kg [m.sup.-3]) (c) 5 84 Type II EPS (bulk density, 22 kg [m.sup.-3]) (c) 4 70 Produced greenhouse Layer material gas (kg) (a) References Mirrorpanelb Foil -- Pasztory (2013) Paper, coated one side 3-3.5 This work, Boguski (2010).
Droppo, Jr., president & CEO, Curtis Packaging, has also seen some companies choosing uncoated stocks or the inside of a Coated One Side (CI S) SBS board.
After the scientists coated one side of each paddle with duct tape, though, the beads lost more energy when they hit the softer taped side of the vanes, causing the system to rotate in one direction.
They coated one side of a 4.5-millimetre-diameter lens with a gold film 30 nanometre thick, and laid the lens - gold-side down - on a flat glass slide which was also coated with film of gold.
The non clay-coated side of a C1S paper stock is the coupon material of choice ("C1S" is assumed to mean "clay coated, one side", not simply "coated one side".).
The researchers then dissolved the alumina block and coated one side of the freed wires with silica or another material.