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C2SClient to Server
C2SCells to Society (Center on Social Disparities and Health; Institute for Policy Research; Northwestern University; Evanston, IL)
C2SContribution to Society (Geneva, Switzerland)
C2SCommand and Control Support (US DoD)
C2SCoated Two Sides (printing)
C2SCity to Surf (Australian marathon)
C2SCommand & Control Systems
C2SClient to Services
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US R Embodied Spacing ([in.sup.-1] energy Layer material (mm) thickness) (MJ) (a) Mirrorpanel (b) Foil 5 5 -- Paper, coated one side 5 2.7 50-90 Paper, coated two sides 5 3.8 50-90 Type IV XPS (bulk density, 25 kg [m.sup.-3]) (c) 5 84 Type II EPS (bulk density, 22 kg [m.sup.-3]) (c) 4 70 Produced greenhouse Layer material gas (kg) (a) References Mirrorpanelb Foil -- Pasztory (2013) Paper, coated one side 3-3.5 This work, Boguski (2010).