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COBRASCosmic Background Radiation Anisotropy Satellite
COBRASColorado Bicycle Racing Association for Seniors
COBRASCity of Belfast Radio Amateurs Society (Ireland)
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The worker was able to adequately sweep up eggs, feces and dried snakeskin after moving the cobras to the other side of the pit.
Some costly bowling has hindered Cobras so far but their attack remains potent and Mumbai have not been as lethal with the bat as they might have hoped.
But the last thing cobras want to do is waste venom on animals they can't swallow whole, like people," Slowinski says.
Only Surviving Dual Supercharged Factory Cobra to Be Sold
The rooster repeatedly attempted to pick up the snake, most likely a king cobra, with its mouth.
23 (ANI): In a unique attempt, wildlife officials in Madhya Pradesh operated on a King Cobra, seized from a snake charmer, to resurrect its damaged fangs.
COBRA A snake charmer's favorite, the slender Indian cobra inhabits forests, fields, and urban areas in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
Police in Hanoi arrested 30-year-old Nguyen Van Hai on Friday for attempting to transport 53 king cobras from the northern province of Vinh Phuc to Hanoi, the (http://www.
The unique design and performance of the Adept Cobra is critical for accurate in vitro testing due to the highly controlled and regulated nature of the laboratory environment.
The production of cobra venom for use in antisera manufacturing is well established and could be scaled-up to meet the demands for anti-retroviral therapy.
The "star car" and a genuine Shelby Cobra will shine alongside a field of sports and entertainment superstars at the celebrity golf event.