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COCUSCentral Office Code Utilization Survey
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Number of Finch Finch Genus Types of Finches Species Tool Analogy for Beak Geospiza Ground and cactus 6 Heavy duty finches linesman's pliers Camarhynchus Tree finches 3 High leverage diagonal pliers Cactospiza Woodpecker and 2 Long chain nose mangrove finches pliers Platyspiza Vegetarian finch 1 Parrot-head gripping pliers Pinaroloxias Cocus island finch 1 Curved needle-nosed pliers Certhidea Warbler finch 1 Needle-nose pliers
There is evidence that freedmen filled the posts of procurator (general manager, often involving several other functions), lorarius (overseer), cocus (cook), structor (headwaiter or meat-carver), cubicularius (keeper of the bedchamber), nomenclator (who reminded the master of his social duties), pedisequi (footmen), pedagogi and grammatici, doctors, clerical staff, including private secretary--(a manu or amanuensis), anagostae (readers), librarii (copyists), librarioli (bookmakers), glutinatores (roll-makers)--and, notably, letter carriers.
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