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the assignments under vlarebo and vlarema must be carried out in accordance with applicable legislation, codes of good practice, compendia and recognition (according to vlarel).
He added: "Scotland relies on what are little more than gentlemen's agreements and unenforceable codes of good practice with the industry which have no status in law.
Experience has shown that codes of good practice in the food supply chain only begin to deliver for retailers, suppliers and consumers if backed by proper enforcement and oversight," Peter Kendall, chairman of Copa-Cogeca's Working Party on the Food Chain, added.
The availability of adult-like garments for kids here has led to calls for the introduction of codes of good practice for selling children's clothes similar to those introduced in Britain recently.
Abstract: Corporate Governance is based on a complex system of relationships between shareholders, managers, auditors and stakeholders based on decision-making processes, codes of good practice, procedures and technologies.
GoodWeave is one of a handful of voluntary standards organizations now working within their Codes of Good Practice.
making those looking after animals, veterinarians and other professionals more aware through training, codes of good practice and encouraging research on the economic benefits of biosafety
This year the Department of Trade and Industry released the final Codes of Good Practice for BEE, which will end uncertainty over empowerment deals.
Entrench the Accord between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector and the Codes of Good Practice on Funding and Policy Dialogue in all relationships and contracts with the charitable and nonprofit sector,
But Terry Gurr, head of street-care services for Blyth Valley Council said: "The council operates within national guidelines and codes of good practice, which sees our main roads inspected on a regular monthly basis.
This initiative culminated in the signing of a bi-sectoral accord to regulate their relationship and codes of good practice for policy development and funding.
Their complaints concern directors who refuse to heed concerns, who trample on codes of good practice in corporate governance and who treat the companies they run as personal fiefdoms or their positions in these organisations as a one-way ticket to huge private wealth, irrespective of their business performance.