CodetaCongress for Democratic Taxi Associations (South Africa)
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8) Codeta had membership fees of up to R30,000 and part of that money was used for social security.
The former ANC soldiers worked for the ANC-aligned Codeta, and the former PAC-aligned soldiers for CATA.
In 2005 and 2006, several people were killed in a taxi feud in Kraaifontein, and in 2007 there were fights between CATA and Codeta over the Bellville-Kraaifontein route in which the ANC was accused of siding with Codeta (Farber 2007).
CATA and Codeta both felt that SANTACO did not represent them and accused SANTACO of corruption and of taking bribes.
One of the leaders of Kiki Murray explained to me that, 'if CATA and Codeta come here [in the township], there will be a war.