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CODISCombined DNA Index System (US FBI)
CODISConvicted Offender DNA Index System
CODISCentre Opérationnel d'Incendie et de Secours (French: Operational Fire and Rescue Center)
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Codis TX-321S triple-head driver's displays to render a near-seamless 120-degree image of the route with selectable front or rear view in day or night vision.
113) This belief is supported by the FBI's own admission that it intends to expand the way it collects and uses DNA in the future, at least with respect to the use of DNA in the CODIS system to identify and find missing persons.
116) Thus, the integrity of the offender index profiles in CODIS are well preserved and all thirteen loci can be discriminately examined.
In the years since its inception, CODIS has grown rapidly.
If the CODIS system identifies a match between the thirteen STR loci markers, (66) the match must be confirmed, (67) after which laboratories may exchange information such as case details and the names of criminal investigators.
The success of CODIS depends on maintaining a database of a state's offender profiles and using it to solve crimes for which there are no suspects.
The more information loaded into the CODIS system from across the country, the better chance we have in solving crimes and identifying missing persons," says Texas Senator Chris Harris.
elegans" stands for, or the expansion of the acronyms CODIS and ENCODE?
Quinn decides to investigate and discovers that the CODIS system has been programmed to ignore crimes where a specific criminal's DNA is left.
New topics include stalking, carjacking, home invasion robbery, drug-facilitated rape, electronic evidence collection, clandestine laboratories, and the CODIS identification system.
Pluz was formed in 2001 after merging Getronics' distribution subsidiary Datelcom with Hagemeyer's Codis activities, with Getronics NV owning 49% and Hagermeyer NV retaining a 51% stake.
Thirteen correctional systems use the FBI's CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) software.