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COICommission de l'Océan Indien (French: Indian Ocean Commission; various nations)
COICenter of Interest (photography)
COIConflict Of Interest
COICommunity of Interest
COICity of Industry (California)
COIChurch of India (Columbia, MD)
COIChurch of Ireland
COICertificate of Insurance (insurance)
COICopy of Insurance
COIChain of Information
COICountry of Origin Information
COIControl of Infection
COICertificate of Incorporation
COIComité Olimpico Internacional (Spanish: International Olympic Committee)
COICentral Office of Information
COICauses of Infection
COICompound of Interest
COICircles of Interest
COICommunity of Influence (real estate)
COICenters of Influence
COICertificate of Inspection
COICollege of Informatics (various universities)
COICircle of Influence (marketing)
COICloak of Invisibility (science fiction)
COIConnersville (Amtrak station code; Connersville, IN)
COIConsiglio Oleicolo Internazionale (Italian: International Olive Oil Council)
COICompetition of Ideas (Ministry of Defense; UK)
COIChemicals of Interest (US DHS)
COICurrent of Injury (cardiology)
COICommittee on Instruction
COICytochrome Oxidase I
COICommencement of Injection (auto engine)
COICommission Océanographique Intergouvernementale (French: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission; UNESCO)
COICertified Online Instructor
COICost of Illness
COICourt of Inquiry
COIConfirmed Opt-In (email mailing list regiatration confirmation procedure)
COICenter for Open Innovation (University of California, Berkeley)
COICost of Insurance
COICoordinator Of Information
COICorinne Orbach Immobilier (French real estate company)
COICardiac Output Index
COIComplément d'Objet Indirect (French: Indirect Object; grammar)
COICentre for Organisation and Innovation (Economic and Social Research Council; UK)
COICourse Of Instruction
COICommunity Outreach, Inc. (Oregon)
COICoastal Ocean Institute (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
COIComando Operativo Interforze (Italian: Operational Interforces Command)
COICertificate of Irradiation (sterility validation process)
COICoefficient of Inbreeding
COICommittee on Information
COICone of Influence (symbolic model checking procedure)
COICommittee on Infrastructure (India)
COICritical Operational Issue
COIComposite Optics Inc.
COIContango Operators, Inc. (Houston, TX)
COICommunity Options Inc.
COIConstituents of Interest
COICertificate of Identicality
COIConsent of Instructor (coursework authorization)
COICost of Investment
COIContact of Interest
COICurrent Operating Income (finance)
COICareer Orientation Inventory
COICause of Insanity (band)
COICut-Off Index (medicine)
COICanadian Outcomes Institute
COICriticomm Operating Instructions (telecommuniations)
COIColoboma of Iris, Choroid, and Retina
COICountry of Interest
COICrossroads Online Institute
COICongregation of Israel
COIChief of Installation
COICoast Orbital Insertion (NASA)
COICustomer-Owned Inventory
COICurriculum of Instruction
COICommission of Integrity (Iraq)
COICritical Operations Issues
COIClass Of Interface
COIChief Of Implementation
COIChief of Initiatives
COICommunications Operating Instruction
COIContinuous Optical Irradiation
COIContractor Operating Instructions
COICurrent Operations and Intelligence
COICertificate of Installation
COICoalition of Itan (gaming guild)
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The coefficient of inbreeding (F) for offspring of first cousins, first cousins once removed, second cousins, and beyond second cousins was 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, and <1/64, respectively.
The average coefficient of inbreeding from 1980 to 1994 showed a value of zero from 1980 to 1994, except for 1993 (0.04%), followed by an abrupt increase by 2002 reaching the maximum value of 1.54% (Figure 2), the increase of inbreeding and the average relatedness coefficient was directly related to the increase in the number of equivalent generations.
The coefficient of inbreeding ranged from 6.25% to 25.0% and average was 12.68% for birth weight in inbred lambs.
I used Wright's (1969) coefficient of inbreeding, f, to quantify the degree of inbreeding based on the pedigree.
Values of coefficient of inbreeding ([F.sub.IS]) were between 0.03 (GUJ0087) to 0.81 (GUJ0031), with an average of 0.43.
The degree of inbreeding for the offspring of a particular couple can be quantified by calculating the Coefficient of Inbreeding (F).
However, selective breeding over several generations could increase the coefficient of inbreeding, especially within a small population, leading to inbreeding depression.
Malecot's coefficient of relationship is twice the fixation index, or coefficient of inbreeding. Therefore, an [F.sub.IS] of 0.185 indicates a relationship coefficient of 0.37 among the parents of trees in the present generation.
where [F.sub.i] is the individual coefficient of inbreeding and t is the 'equivalent complete generations' (Maignel et al., 1996).
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