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COVCrimes of Violence (law enforcement)
COVCongress of Vienna (1814-1815; Vienna, Austria)
COVComposti Organici Volatili (Italian: Volatile Organic Compounds)
COVCalculus of Variations
COVCoefficient of Variation
COVComposés Organiques Volatiles (French)
COVCompuestos Orgánicos Volátiles (Spanish: Volatile Organic Compounds)
COVCities on Volcanoes (conference)
COVCover Page
COVCross over Vehicle
COVCommonwealth of Virginia
COVCity of Villians (game)
COVCentrale Organisatie voor de Vleessector (Dutch: Central Organization for the Meat Industry)
COVClub Omnisports de Valbonne (French: Multisport Club of Valbonne; Valbonne, France)
COVCorona Virus
COVChange of venue
COVChrist Our Vision (ministry)
COVClub Omnisports de Vernouillet (French: Multisport Club of Vernouillet; Vernouillet, France)
COVConnellsvile (Amtrak station code; Connellsville, PA)
COVClose Out Visit (health care)
COVCryovac (Sealed Air corporation brand)
COVCercle Ornithologique Villeneuvois (French ornithological club)
COVChant of Victory (Lineage 2 game)
COVCounter Obstacle Vehicle
COVCutoff Valve
COVCommittee for Overseas Vietnamese (Vietnam)
COVClosed Order Variance
COVCertificate of Origin for a Vehicle
COVContinuous Optimal Values
COVClub Olympique Vincennois (French sports club)
COVCoke Oven Volatiles
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The estimates of genetic parameters of variability viz., phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV), genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV), heritability in broad sense and genetic advance as percent of mean are presented in Table 4.
In order for drippers to be classified into quality categories, the coefficient of variation (CV) is used.
Simulation of spray volume distribution along the spray bar using TVI-800075 ceramic spray nozzles, considering different arrangements (working pressure and height of bar) that had coefficient of variation lower than 7%
In the same test, the control group obtained an average of 11.7 [+ or -] 3.23 seconds in the initial testing with a coefficient of variability of 18.384%, indicating an average homogeneity group and an average of 15.9 [+ or -] 2, 84 seconds on the final test, with a coefficient of variation of 14.876%, increasing it to nominal values by 3.508%, also indicating a mean of homogeneity.
Caption: Figure 3: Relation between the coefficient of variation and number of tasters in Robusta/Conilon coffee for fragrance (a), flavor (b), acidity (c), and sweetness (d).
The coefficient of variation only indicates the extent of total variability present for a character and does not split the variability into heritable and nonheritable portions as reported [21, 22].
The average wetted depth of inline is 26.56 cm with standard deviation of 1.46 cm and the coefficient of variation was 5.82 % and the average witted depth of online is 26.85 cm with standard deviation of 1.41 cm and the coefficient of variation was 5.26 %.
Considering the animal production area, some attempts of the coefficient of variation classification were made by JUDICE et al.
Coefficient of Variation signifies greater dispersion in self concept score (27.16) than skill score (17.33) denoting skills to be more precise than self concept among Children with Visual Impairment.
Not expected is that the coefficient of variation CV([DELTA]F) of the maximum [F.sub.max] and minimum torque [F.sub.min] after 5 minutes of vulcanization at 210[degrees]C seems not to depend on the throughput.
where [CV.sub.i] denotes the coefficient of variation of [X.sub.i] which is computed from [square root of (var([X.sub.i]))]/E([X.sub.i]).
(1) there are no drastic changes for the coefficient of variation CV of nonbiomarkers;
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