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COFINAConsejo de Financiación (Spanish: Council on Finance)
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There was no bankruptcy regime in place for Puerto Rico when the COFINA transaction was structured, whereas Chicago's transaction is structured with a known bankruptcy regime in place.
There are also groups for the Government Development Bank and bondholders in COFINA.
Despite the bearish backdrop, Konan says that Cofina expects to lend $250m by next year and will ramp up plans to expand in markets across West and Central Africa.
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event=getFilingDetails&filingID=C483CB0F-4E7C-4F38-A781-FD9F3C3A4B0A&filingTypeID=60) legislative proposals impacting Puerto Rico ," while the COFINA Seniors Coalition, via two lobbying firms during the first quarter, (https://soprweb.
We believe the legislation is more positive for both GO [general obligation] and COFINA creditors than the legislation previously under review," Heights Securities analyst Daniel Hanson wrote.
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