COGEMACompagnie Générale des Matières Nucléaires (The Hague)
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In addition to Shirley Basin, NRC has moreover approved the license transfer for the Pathfinder Lucky Mc tailing site to COGEMA.
COGEMA Engineering Corporation is a multi-discipline engineering company providing project management, engineering and non-destructive examination services to the DOE and its prime contractors.
Under the two-phase basic contract, COGEMA will first need to clear Japanese requirements on MOX fuel quality in order to be picked as the fuel processor, the officials said.
While at Cogema Mining (now Areva), and most recently at Mestena Uranium LLC (owner of the operating Alta Mesa ISR uranium mine), he discovered previously unknown ore body extensions at existing ISR operations that contributed significantly to the economics of those projects.
Lauvergeon was named chairman and CEO of Cogema a leading provider of technology solutions to power utilities, which she consolidated with other businesses into Areva that she served as CEO from 2001 to 2011.
Mann was Managing Director of Cogema Australia Pty Ltd/AREVA in Perth, Australia, reporting directly to the Head Office in France.
In the Northern Territory, traditional Aboriginal owners of the Koongarra uranium deposit have opposed the development of a mine by French-owned Cogema, despite pressure to approve the project.
Pending DSIN's answer, SNCF, in agreement with Electricite de France and Cogema, has decided not to carry fresh shipments of irradiated fuel," it said in a statement.
The transfer approval is among the closing conditions of the Share Purchase Agreement with COGEMA Resources, Inc.
decided Friday to conclude a basic agreement to have France's state-owned nuclear fuel company COGEMA process plutonium-uranium mixed oxide (MOX) fuel for its plutonium-thermal energy project in Fukui Prefecture, company officials said.
Fuji declined to say if KEPCO would rule out BNFL in the planned new contract, although it is widely expected that it will prefer French nuclear fuel firm COGEMA in view of apparent local sentiment against the scandal-tainted British company.