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COGOCoordinate Geometry (Programming Language)
COGOCoordinate Geometry
COGOCoalition of Geospatial Organizations
COGOContractor Owned, Government Operated
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Longer times for the beginning of runoff result from greater roughness on soil surface (Volk & Cogo, 2014), which favors higher soil water infiltration.
Cogo wasn't quite where it wanted to be with the 4K encoding, at just above 9Mbps, Kraatz says.
For the purposes of my discussion, it is helpful to think of elf according to three levels (see also Cogo and Dewey 2012, chapter one): first as a contextual setting; second as the interactional practices that take place in these settings; and finally as a research paradigm.
No entanto, nas simulacoes, os academicos podem errar para aprimorar as tecnicas, executando os procedimentos sem temerem os danos, pois as atividades em laboratorio facilitam a transicao para a realidade assistencial (Silva, Cogo, 2007).
I am very pleased that Cogo continues to participate in the rapidly growing HDTV roll-out in China," commented Jeffrey Kang, CEO of Cogo.
The groomsmen were Mark Neal Stevens of Dallas, Texas; Brandon Allen Cogo of Los Angeles, California; the bride's brother Stanley Caleb Coleman of Carthage; and Oren Devaughn Bailess III of Dallas, Texas.
counterparts, said Giles Conway, asset manager of Cogo Wolf, a San Francisco hedge fund.