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COJConstitution of Japan
COJConfession of Judgment (law)
COJCorel Office for Java
COJChronicles Online Journal (aviation)
COJCourt of Justice
COJCity of Jacksonville, Florida
COJConfédération des Organisations de Jeunesse
COJClub Olympique de Joinville (French olympic club)
COJCup O'Joe
COJClub Ornithologique Jdidi (French; Belgian ornithological club)
COJCouncil of Jordan
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These maps can be used to identify where the highest numbers of individuals who are missing from the ART programme are likely to be located, which in the case of CoJ Region D is wards 16, 33 and 37 for the male target group aged 30-39 years.
There were two vacant posts in addition to those shown; both were psychiatry posts, one in COJ and one in Ekurhuleni.
Networking opportunities and interactions provided by CoJ are invaluable and have really changed my business, says Osaro.
Interestingly, this third point raised by Markovits concerning whether de lege lata Article 101 TFEU covers vertical, intrabrand restrictions of competition or whether it is limited to horizontal, interbrand restrictions of competition was an issue that had to be resolved by the CoJ.
Although the principle of allowing the breach of the right to privacy in favour of general interest and security has not been contested by the CoJ, Pikis argued that national legislation has been created on the strength of EU Directive 24/2006.
To illustrate these features with an example, one of the news stories in the category of violent crime with a high COJ score (0.
As such, the CoJ arriving at an installation which contracts with a CCF should make early inquiries into any confinement problems during the handover with his predecessor.
I had two instructors, studying with Patricia Buch Choguil the first week and Jabel Tinimit co-owner Gregorio Garcia Coj, the next.
This principle is offered near the beginning of the CoJ, and it involves the claim that nature is to be taken as-if purposive for our mental faculties.
FOJ and COJ represent the ready-made fruit juices and were purchased from a store within Ilorin metropolis, BOC is a concentrate that is diluted before consumption and was also purchas ed from a store, SD and KU were locally-prepared non-alcoholic beverages while PT and BK are alcoholic local beverages and they were obtained from local brewers.
Las otras secciones (CAS, COJ, CUL y SUC), ubicadas aguas abajo, se denominaran Zona Sur.