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COJCourt of Justice
COJCity of Jacksonville, Florida
COJConfédération des Organisations de Jeunesse
COJCup O'Joe
COJCouncil of Jordan
COJClub Olympique de Joinville (French olympic club)
COJClub Ornithologique Jdidi (French; Belgian ornithological club)
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Although the principle of allowing the breach of the right to privacy in favour of general interest and security has not been contested by the CoJ, Pikis argued that national legislation has been created on the strength of EU Directive 24/2006.
As such, the CoJ arriving at an installation which contracts with a CCF should make early inquiries into any confinement problems during the handover with his predecessor.
The WRHI NIMART mentoring team engaged with the CoJ and DoH partners in establishing NIMART rollout and all processes involved.
Zuckert's book struck me as being truer to the spirit of Kant, and encompassing more of the truth of the CoJ than is found in drier, more-analytic approaches that seem deathly afraid of connecting the dots in the text, even when the CoJ simply cries out for a more holistic and synthesizing hermeneutic.
FOJ and COJ represent the ready-made fruit juices and were purchased from a store within Ilorin metropolis, BOC is a concentrate that is diluted before consumption and was also purchas ed from a store, SD and KU were locally-prepared non-alcoholic beverages while PT and BK are alcoholic local beverages and they were obtained from local brewers.
For example, Johannesburg's vision strategy document for 2030 'draws largely on the empirical findings of a series of World Bank reports on local economic development produced in partnership with the CoJ during 1999-2002, and places greater emphasis on economic development.
Agnes Quisumbing, Kelly Hallman, Benedicte de la Briere, and Nora Coj de Salazar.
Tra bo Maria yn gorfod rhannu ei baich a rhywun,mae Elen yn benderfynol o ddarganfod pam mae Coj a Steph wedi ffraeo.
Report says the situation is worst in Punjab because of the most prevalent variety COJ 1148 (Indian variety) which formed almost 70 per cent of all cane grown there.
A COJ may have called another COJ or the school house, but the response was not planned or rehearsed.
This case, which we refer to as the Phiri water rights case, is being defended by CALS and all the legal papers, including Ms Brits's affidavit (called CoJ answering affidavit on the website), are available on the CALS website: <https://www.