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COJOCompanion on the Journey (religious series)
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You might not think that the gentlemanly Simon Cooper, president of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, has much in common with the bitchy Cojo.
They will improve even more if Moro Cojo is any indication of what lies ahead.
casi jorobado, por decirlo de una vez: de estatura menos que mediana; endeblillo; de mala salud; con las piernas arqueadas y una manera de andar sui generis (balanceandose de un lado a otro y de atras hacia adelante), que solo se puede describir con la absurda formula de que parecia cojo de los dos pies" (Alarcon 450).
Qaraaba (11-4) got home in the shadow of the post to catch Cojo for John Dunlop and Richard Hills in the second division.
In August of 1894, Silva visited Nunez in El Cabrero, his house in Cartagena, and when Nunez passed away a month later, on September 18, Silva followed his death with a laudatory article in El Cojo Ilustrado.
I've given it a lot of thought, and I would know just what to do with Barbara Walters, paparazzi harassment and that awful Cojo person criticizing my clothes.
Using the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus as a model and pooling the best of what they had learned in Spain--from such icons as Mercedes and Albano, Juanjo Linares, Pedro Azorin, Enrique el Cojo, and Juan Urbeltz--they compiled six junior, three senior, and three teacher's levels of graduated technique and choreographies covering flamenco, regional dances, and the escuela bolera, Spain's version of classical ballet.
Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush Brooklyn $130,000 Serving Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Seagate Gerritsen Beach, Bergen Beach, Breezy Point, the Rockaways, Belle Harbor and Bayswater, COJO is helping 250 families relocate to temporary housing.
The Central Coast offers prime hunting opportunities, and a recent hog hunt with Alfred Luis, who heads Santa Maria-based Central Coast Outfitters, took place on the Cojo Jalama Ranch, a 25,000-acre cattle ranch overlooking the Pacific Ocean about 2 1/2 hours north of the San Fernando Valley.
COJO NEEDS A KIDNEY: Red-carpet fashion maven Steven Cojocaru said Monday that a genetic condition will require him to undergo a kidney transplant operation.
Fashion correspondent Steven 'Cojo' Cojocaru forms Team Cojo to fight PKD
Alternative 3: Covers 2,862 square nautical miles from Vandenberg Air Force Base south past Point Conception and east past Cojo Anchorage.