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All Chart equipment will be engineered and built in the US with its waterside cold box fabrication facility in New Iberia, Louisiana, which is close to the project site.
In my cold box I shall take some nicely chilled wine to assist in the digestion of the fresh fish.
Our cold box operations require that our forklifts be able to rotate in an aisle that is basically as wide as the forklift is long, and the three-wheel model is the only forklift we found that is capable of doing this,' Wagner says.
Mike Dixon, the cold box guru at Portland, ME's Great Lost Bear pub, has computerized help on the freshness front.
Schaefer needed to form ice on some metal pieces in a cold box.
Birmingham-based Eastwood Group has acquired 50 per cent of the small Dorset-based company Cold Box, which is to move to Eastwood's factory in Aston.
Ceast will also introduce the Cryo Box, a new cold box for subambient Izod and Charpy impact tests.
Commenting from Coors, manager of off-premises sales development Gary Auld says that each brewer has its own cold box program and planogram; thus, cold boxes have become something of a "neutral" issue.
Chart would like to congratulate all employees at our cold box manufacturing facility in New Iberia, LA.
The agreement envisages the construction ofA a new BAHX production base and Cold Box fabrication plant in Wuxi, eastern China.
The scope of work includes: *Ethane cracker; *Furnaces; *Turbines and compressors; *Quenchers; *Columns and towers; *Primary dryers; *De-ethaniser unit; *Reactors; *Secondary dryers; *Expanders / cold box package; *Hydrogen recovery unit; *Heat exchangers; *Solid liquid incinerator; *Refrigeration unit; *Pumps; and *Ethylene storage.
If the bottles are well chilled and wrapped individually in slightly damp paper they will stay cold a long time in a cold box.