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In answer to that question, the training event highlighted the principles and guidelines of establishing a collecting point and identified some of the challenges faced in a decisive-action training environment exercise.
Presenting recommendations, Professor Dr Mushtaq Memon, who came from the US, said the organising team visited camel habitat areas in Achhro Thar (White Desert) and held meetings with herders from other areas leaned that there is big potential to set up collecting points for camel's milk to market this important product, which at this time does not have system.
We have many avid Nectar cardholders that collect points daily with both Nectar and Nectar Business through a variety of ways from online shopping at over 500 retailers, to collecting points with their American Express Nectar Credit Card and as a result hold higher points balances.
The collection of plastic waste will be carried out through a network of stationary and mobile waste collecting points.
We're collecting points and over time the squad is only going to get stronger.
The features of collecting points on each walk can be an effective way of encouraging users to monitor their dog's physical activity.
The Rugby school was zoned into an architecture zone, magic zone, art zone and code cracking zone with 420 pupils collecting points for every activity completed.
The eight-strong team from Girlguiding Birmingham will make their way from Aston through France and Germany to Italy collecting points as they go.
As well as collecting points when you shop in stores you can also boost your points total if you use certain credit cards, and even from some mortgages.
Our thanks also go to Superdrug in Guisborough and Redcar and Sainsbury''s in Guisborough for allowing their premises to be used as collecting points for donated Christmas presents.
Instead of searching for John Lewis discount codes, Treat Street users can make back the money they spend on clothing and homeware by collecting points to spend on essentials at Boots.
We just want to keep collecting points and pushing ourselves up the table.