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[17.] Harper Collins (1995) Collins COBUILD English Dictionary (2nd edition).
According to the definition in Collins Cobuild Dictionary, an 'idiom is s group of words, which have a different meaning when used together from the one they would have, if they took the meaning of each word separately.'
A primeira edicao do Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary of American English afirma usar as 2.500 palavras mais frequentemente utilizadas na lingua inglesa para definir suas entradas.
This came to 71 items, including six language-learners' dictionaries (online versions of The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDOCE); the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (OALD); the Collins COBUILD Dictionary (COBUILD), which is no longer online; the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary (CALD); the Macmillan English Dictionary (MED); and Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary (MWLD) all accessed in August 2010), 17 texts intended for English-language teachers and 48 for English-language learners.
Estas dos obras, pioneras en cada lado del mundo, permitieron y alentaron el desarrollo de muchas otras, entre las que se consideran como principales los siguientes diccionarios: The Oxford Advanced learner's Dictionary (1942); Longman Dictionary of Conteporary English (1978); Collins COBUILD English Language Dictionary (1987), Cambridge International Dictionary of English (1978); y Mac Millan English Dictionary (2002).
four times) except that there are one-word expressions available for the lowest numbers: once, twice, and archaic thrice (Collins Cobuild 1990: 270-71).
The mystery was solved when I checked 'Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for Advanced Learners'.
4.-El Collins Cobuild Dictionary of the English Language (COBUTLD) (1987) se considera una obra innovadora con respecto a la tradicion lexicografica por su propuesta de un nuevo metodo de acceso a la informacion (a traves de un corpus informatizado) y de una nueva estructura de la definicion.
The Collins Cobuild dictionaries have done useful pioneering work in this field, moving to definitions written in a sentence style that reflects how a teacher might explain a meaning: 'Something that is elegiac expresses or shows sadness; a literary word.' This does not tell us as much as Word Genius ...
In order to corroborate this assumption I looked up the entries of 'think' in the Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (2001) which provided 26 different meanings for 'think'.
Eckersley 1963), ignoring excellent recent English grammars spurred by corpus linguistics, such as Collins Cobuild English Grammar, an authoritative reference grammar which has been specifically developed for advanced students of English (the supposed target of a book such as Ingles para quimica e ingenieria quimica).
Collins Cobuild learners' dictionaries are good references and can be found on the Cobuild website: <>.
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