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The post Colombian army helicopter crash kills 10 appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Outlined by the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency on 5 August, the proposed USD162 million deal would include the sale of four aircraft each to the Colombian army and national police force, and one to its air force.
Past Israeli training of Colombian death squads may have contributed to current Colombian creativity in retroactively justifying massacres; starting in 2008, for example, it was revealed that the members of the Colombian army had--reportedly in thousands of instances--murdered civilians and then disguised them as guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in order to receive bonuses and additional vacation time.
FARC military units willingly engaged the Colombian army in open conventional combat.
The four former captives arrived at a military airport in the capital of Bogota late on Monday morning to hugs and kisses from family members and shouts praising the Colombian army.
Moreover, with his policy of militarizing the northern border, he has been fully identified with the US policy of encircling the FARC using the Ecuadoran Army in the south and the Colombian Army in the north.
Nine Colombian army soldiers have been killed in an attack by fighters from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) in the southwest of the country, officials have said.
The evidence was contained on laptops captured in a controversial raid by the Colombian army on a guerrilla base in Ecuador.
In Colombia, journalists face danger of death and kidnap daily as they try to uncover the truth of Colombian army, paramilitary and guerrilla operations, and to speak out on behalf of those caught up in the fighting.
"Some of the book's profits goes to the heroes of the Colombian army, and I hope that part of the film's ticket sales will also go to them," Torres said.
On July 2, 2008, the Colombian army rescued 15 hostages, including three American citizens, from FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) guerrillas.