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M2 EQUITYBITES-December 11, 2012-Exact Sciences Corp announces first modular PMA submission of stool DNA colorectal cancer screening test(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The company's DeeP-C study is evaluating the accuracy of its stool DNA colorectal cancer screening test, comparing it to traditional screening methods.
2003;349:2191-200) that put VC on the map for colorectal cancer screening, suggested Dr.
Respondents aged [greater than or equal to]50 years, the age group for which colorectal cancer screening is recommended, were asked whether they ever had used "a special kit at home to determine whether the stool contains blood" (FOBT), whether they ever had "a tube inserted through the rectum to view the bowel for signs of cancer or other health problems" (sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy), and when these tests were last performed.
Kevin Conroy, president, CEO and chairman of Exact Sciences, said that CMS' final payment decision marks a significant milestone by providing 50 million Medicare patients access to this non-invasive colorectal cancer screening option.
In a draft "state-of-the-science" statement, the 13-member panel also recommended investing in a variety of quality monitoring methods to make sure that colorectal cancer screening is accompanied by high rates of cancer detection and prevention.
In a statement released in May, the agency wrote that the "evidence is inadequate to conclude that CT colonography is an appropriate colorectal cancer screening test." The screening uses CT scans to obtain detailed images of the colon.
BOSTON -- The debut of virtual colonoscopy as a mainstream option for colorectal cancer screening may be just months away, experts said at an international symposium on virtual colonoscopy sponsored by Boston University.
In 1997, the American Cancer Society and an interdisciplinary task force developed guidelines that recommend one test or a combination of several tests for colorectal cancer screening (3,4).
M2 PHARMA-November 6, 2014-American Cancer Society adds Exact Sciences' Cologuard test in colorectal cancer screening guidelines