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COLTSCounty of Lackawanna Transit System
COLTSCount on Losing the Superbowl
COLTSCatalog Ordering Logistics Tracking System
COLTSCount on Losing This Sunday (Indianapolis Colts)
COLTSCulture of Learning, Teaching and Service (South Africa)
COLTSCoupled Laminar and Turbulent Solutions
COLTSContinuously Offered Longer-Term Securities
COLTSBaltimore Coronary Observational Long-Term Study (University of Maryland)
COLTSCombined Loads Test Facility
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When Billy got away from Saxon's arms, he started leading the colt up and down to cool it off.
Michael endured the danger to his man- god as long as he could, then flew at the colt's head in a frenzy of barking.
"Michael must certainly have told the colt that he'd give him what-for if he didn't behave."
So it happened, when the posses had begun to penetrate the mountain, and when the man was compelled to make a daylight dash down into the Valley of the Moon to cross over to the mountain fastnesses that lay between it and Napa Valley, that Harley Kennan rode out on the hot-blooded colt he was training.
Where a steep, eight-foot bank came down to the edge of the road along which he was riding, Harley and the hot-blood colt were startled by an eruption through the screen of manzanita bushes above.
Even so, its shoulder impacted against the shoulder of the whirling colt below it, overthrowing the latter.
His wrenched shoulder-blade, untreated and unrested, went from bad to worse, till finally Hal shot him with the big Colt's revolver.
At the Five Fingers the dog-food gave out, and a toothless old squaw offered to trade them a few pounds of frozen horse-hide for the Colt's revolver that kept the big hunting-knife company at Hal's hip.
"Unquestionably the colts team have been a success.
The sides meet in the first round of the Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Cup with a home tie against St Johnstone Colts or Cove Rangers the reward on offer.
Israr Khan struck 65 (four sixes and three fours), Mohammad Waiz 59 (three boundaries) and Rehan Khan 57 (five boundaries) all posted half-centuries to help Surjani ports Colts collect 256-7 in 35 overs.
The Texans won the first game in Indianapolis by a field goal in overtime, while the Colts won by three in Houston later in the season.