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CAIBColumbia Accident Investigation Board (NASA)
CAIBCanadian Accredited Insurance Broker
CAIBCommunity Action Information Board
CAIBCaribbean Association of Indigenous Banks, Inc.
CAIBCalifornia Association of Independent Business, Inc.
CAIBCertified Associate of the Institute of Bankers (academic degree; South Africa)
CAIBCanadian Aerosol Information Bureau
CAIBComputer-Anwendungs- und Industrie-Beratungs-GmbH
CAIBCredit Agricole Indosuez Belgique
CAIBCalifornia Associated Insurance Brokers (San Francisco, CA)
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Five members of the space shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation Board, formed in 2003, have sent a letter to Congress in support of President Barack Obama's vision for NASA.
The government investigation into the Columbia space shuttle disaster in 2003 found similarities to the Challenger disaster 17 years earlier, leading the Columbia Accident Investigation Board to conclude that NASA failed to learn from the earlier tragedy.
(3.) Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report, Volume 1, Chapter 8, 2003: 196.
Having the The 9/11 Commission Report or the Columbia Accident Investigation Board report a single click away is invaluable when reading contemporary media reports.
The system implements some of the key program efficiency and safety recommendations made by NASA's Columbia Accident Investigation Board.
Although managers at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had observed debris strikes on numerous prior missions and had recognized them as a potentially serious issue, the Columbia Accident Investigation Board concluded that over time, a degree of complacency about the importance of debris strikes had crept into NASA's culture.
In its report, the Columbia Accident Investigation Board had determined foam insulation that broke off during launch tore a hole in Columbia's left wing and warned that "if these persistent, systemic flaws are not resolved, the scene is set for another accident."
Tufte devotes several pages to a discussion of the PowerPoint slides that were cited by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. His analysis of a key slide is detailed and intriguing.
Air Force secretary, and member of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, detailed the lessons that the board's findings on the space shuttle disaster hold for technology firms that deal with risky enterprises.
All this activity followed weeks of anticipation while Admiral Harold Gehman, former chair of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB), deliberated on whether O'Keefe's cancellation of future Hubble servicing is justified purely on the grounds of safety, as the NASA administrator has steadfastly argued.
The Columbia Accident Investigation Board blamed the failure on NASA's mismanagement, culture and attitude.
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