ComALERTCommunities and Law Enforcement Resources Together
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at 15-17 (explaining the success of ComAlert as compared to those who did not complete the program in the rates of re-arrest (29% vs.
(281) ComAlert and the transitional employment program costs $54 per day, while incarceration costs $183 per day.
Many nonprofit and state agencies offer services to released prisoners, but ComALERT iS unusual because of its close ties to criminal-justice authorities.
Because resources are tight, ComALERT has not been systematically evaluated, but its results appear extremely promising.
Like the older men in Uggen's analysis, many of the ComALERT participants are self-selected and motivated to succeed.
Whatever its broader effects on reducing crime, ComALERT does get jobs, housing, education and drug treatment to the poor and mostly minority men who pass through the criminal-justice system.