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C18Combat 18
C18International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
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Combat 18 is a far-right extremist group that takes its name from the first and eighth letters of the alphabet - A and H - the initials of Adolf Hitler.
Combat 18 were blamed for threatening to kill Scotland's first Asian MP, Mohammed Sarwar, when he first stood for election.
We are not aware of any ongoing investigation concerning Mr Marsden and any alleged links with Combat 18."
BNP leaders, who have been trying to distance themselves from Combat 18, will be embarrassed by our disclosures.
Combat 18 hotheads, spoiling for a fight after playing a part in recent racially motivated incidents in Britain, are out to:
'And a member of one of our supporters' clubs was found to have Combat 18 links when he was arrested in Dublin in 1995.
He would have left his locker open with his Combat 18 stuff hanging in it and photographs of him doing the Nazi salute and wearing UVF T-shirts."
It means Combat 18 now have access to deadly loyalist weaponry, as our shocking pictures show.
In 1998, he began collecting right-wing magazines and pamphlets like Hitler's Third Reich and Aryan Nations, and joined the fledgling National Socialist Movement, the political wing of the neo-Nazi thug outfit Combat 18.
West Midlands police are studying a database that names 13,000 known or suspected racists, including members of the neo-Nazi group Combat 18.
The Birmingham manager has been subjected to late-night callers issuing death threats and Gold, who has suffered a similar problem with extreme right-wing group Combat 18, is ready to go to the police to protect his boss.
A LEADER of violent neo-Nazi group Combat 18 today reveals the horrifying truth about its campaign of terror and intimidation.