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CODAMCombat Damage
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By taking proactive steps and using available tools, crews will be more able to combat damage that potentially may sink a ship.
In their clearly presented, extensively documented article, they make a solid case for total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA) as the standard method of anesthesia at every level of combat damage control, beginning with the forward surgical team.
It was a particularly challenging operation: Many of the vehicles coming from Operation Iraqi Freedom had severe combat damage or maintenance deficiencies.
Experts say the Nachi worm appears to be designed to combat damage caused to an estimated 300,000 computers worldwide last week.
Part of the reason for the initiative is to combat damage done to the vegetable's image by ``fad diets'' such as the Atkins regime, say the British Potato Council.
Part of the reason for the initiative is to combat damage done by "fad diets" such as the Atkins regime, according to the British Potato Council (BPC).
The company will supply switch panels that have been designed to combat damage caused by a build up of dirt and dust - a common cause of breakdowns on the trains.
If the holes in each layer of defense line up, then an error or a threat can find its way through all of the defenses leading to an incident, accident, combat damage, or loss.
No longer is combat damage something that happens to somebody else's country, he pointed out, and there are fighters flying constant patrols over New York, Washington, and other US cities.
1 to combat damage done by tuna fishing boats sailing under a flag of convenience.
As for environmental concerns in particular, France is asking for emergency funds for cleaning up pollution, the funding for a European oil spill monitoring service (to be set up in Rennes) and LIFE programme resources to combat damage to habitats and wild life.The European Commission said in early January that ERDF and EAGGF support might be on the cards and this includes the sums France is asking for: the latter does no more than officially confirm that France does intend to make use of the facilities.
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