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COMCOMCommerce Commission (NZ)
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24 November 2009 - Thailand's three biggest mobile operators announced Tuesday at a press conference in Bangkok that they will use mobile advertising technology by Norwegian company ComCom as, the latter said in a statement.
In particular, the ComCom can impose regulatory remedies only if a market player issues a complaint, in which case the sector regulator has to agree with the Competition Commission that a dominant market position is observed in the relevant market.
While the final determination rests in the hands of ComCom, the factual and legal analysis is performed in cooperation with the Competition Commission, which gives an opinion on the subject upon the regulator's request.
Among those who picked up a spade to lend a hand was Tesco's comcom T -munity champion and former Sky Blues player Dietmar Bruck, who said: "Our role is to get involved within the community and the Gosford Community Hub contacted me with regards to some fundraising.
The Swiss Federal Communications Commission, or ComCom, on Tuesday approved the proposed acquisition of Swiss telecom operator Sunrise by UK private equity firm CVC Capital Partners.
In 2005, ComCom re-iterated that interconnection prices must go down and issued a similar decision.
To understand the plight of financial reporting from the perspective of a manager of a reporting entity, let us visit the board of directors' meeting of the fictional Comcom.
The Swiss regulatory authority ComCom expects that some of the participants may join forces in the actual bidding.
Sunrise added it was still waiting for approvals from Swiss telecommunications watchdog ComCom and theA federal office of communications Bakom, which it expects by the end of this month.
This is set to change if price cuts announced by ComCom are passed onto consumers.
With the amendment of the telecoms law, implemented from January 2010, the ComCom is focusing its efforts to revise wholesale pricing by obligating Swisscom to lower its prices.