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COMENIUS[not an acronym] Community Programme for School Education (EC)
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Moreover, the movement of BSCs towards more sophisticated activities requires employees have more complex, specialised knowledge, which students of Comenius University's Management Faculty receive, added Papula.
This is the case, for example, Oliveira (2001), Pougy (2007) and Venera (2009), in which Comenius is one of the authors cited to support the reflections of the authors and The Great Didactic is the only reference to comenian work.
AWARD: Mayor of Kirklees Clr David Ridgway and Huddersfield Town ambassador Andy Booth, back right, pictured with members of the Comenius Project at Royds Hall (PW221012EComenius)
Prior to the time of Comenius, Rousseau, Pestalozzi, Froebel, and others, little thought was given to the development and education of children, especially the very young.
Aptly described by Atwood as the Unity's last and most eminent theologian (398), Comenius may nevertheless have embodied the frustrations of a movement whose dedication to universal education and pansophism attempted reconciliation of too many divergent views of the world.
The Comenius project, and the doors it opens for our students and staff, is extremely exciting, and I believe it will help our students to better understand our own heritage, as well as that of the young people they engage with from right across Europe.
The Theology of the Czech Brethren from Hus to Comenius offers an exploration of the interaction between community, ritual, and belief.
The Senate of the Comenius University decorated President Gul with the "University Golden Medal".
The "Sharing Legends" project, sponsored by the Comenius program partnered Estonia, Cyprus and Greece, and will end in July.
The study, held at Slovakia's Comenius University School of Medicine, included 100 patients with stage I or II OA.
The four-part cycle interspersed by recitation of the timeless text illuminates Comenius, evokes the atmosphere of the book and works not just with its own thematic material but for example with Comenius's chorales (the Amsterdam Hymnbook) and Moravian folk melody, but in fact Eben goes even further, beyond the horizon of the literary model, reaching harsh and celestial heights.