ComettCommunity Programme in Education and Training for Technology (European Union)
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Vice Chancellor for Research Lawrence Comett FY2014
All participants were asked to explicitly identify their PPTs in writing following the procedures outlined by Comett (1990a, 1990b) and Chant et al.
Gohagan, J.K., Prorok, P.C., Kramer, B.S., & Comett, J.E.
As to the fall nature of the comet, the playwright links it to the harvest with his lines, 'Lett a dire Comett wth.
This article reports the main findings of a European research study funded by the COMETT programme of the European Union and supported by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) on quality management self-assessment.
Within the Comett Program, open distance learning has been employed as an important means of delivering continuing training in advanced technologies.
Support for vocational education and training is available through grants from the European Social Fund and Comett and League programmes.
In an examination of one such international institution, Linda Comett and James Caparoso's essay "'And Still it Moves!' State Interests and Social Forces in the European Community" assesses the utility of four different theories for understanding the evolution of E.C.
COMETT, the European Community Programme on Cooperation, gives approximately ECU 40 million ($50 million U.S.) annually to support university-industry cooperation in the field of technical training.