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If your unit's command maintenance program does not resemble this scenario, consider yourself fortunate.
Figure 2--Morale-Building Events * Best company competitions * Company commander lunches * Offi cer PT * Organizational day * Receipt of birthday cards from battalion commander * Command maintenance formations * Combat patch ceremony * Safety awards * FRG leader recognition * Battalion runs * 1SG lunches * Battalion sports day * Deployment yearbooks * BN closeout formation * Payday awards formations * Leader breakfasts * BN CDR congratulatory notes * Participation in graduation events Finally, attaching HHC/BDE to the BEB is good for the morale of the Soldiers.
From 1981 to 1986 he served as the officer-in-charge of the 270th Signal Company where he earned several Army Signal Command, 5th Signal Command, and information systems command maintenance awards.
What differentiates the 21st TSC's MTW from past programs is that it aligns with the unit's organizational inspection program and command maintenance discipline program (CMDP).
The Army is starting the Command Maintenance Discipline Program (CMDP) because all Soldiers have a role in equipment combat readiness.
A company's command maintenance program can be a very effective gauge of the knowledge base of many of its first-line Leaders.
To underscore the importance of vehicle maintenance, ETT and RCC leaders agreed to appoint an Afghan motor sergeant and several mechanics and to establish a weekly command maintenance day.
It would be beneficial to request a Command Maintenance Evaluation Team (COMET) inspection, review the last COMET inspection results, or use a COMET checklist to conduct your own inspection.
Regularly scheduled command maintenance programs ensure that all assigned equipment receives the proper care and maintenance.
The training scenarios will simulate field-level maintenance operations and procedures, such as command maintenance, shop operations, and maintenance operations planning.
One way the Army plans to tackle growing maintenance problems is by setting up the Command Maintenance Discipline Program (CMDP).
* Bolt and track and coax are part of operator-level command maintenance. Bringing these items to command maintenance allows crews to dry-fire systems and will help identify issues.
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