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C/BComplicated By (medicine)
C/BCall Back
C/BCircuit Breaker
C/BCarry Back (accounting)
C/BComment Back
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Wells' office declined to comment back then, but MyKali's website clarified that while personnel from the US and several other embassies attended, it was neither sponsored nor organized by the US ambassador's office.
She doesn't comment back directly on whether it is or not, but adds, 'D'you know how long life expectancy is, now?' 'Er, eighty?' 'Depends what you do,' she says.
NMG members live in nearly 30 countries across the globe, and they can visit any girl's room 24-7 and comment back and forth as well as join in chats.
A source said: "Megan says Sharon sniped at her so she made a disparaging comment back, saying Sharon is only famous for managing a braindead rock star.
The system also allows broadcasters to draw comment back from the web into the broadcast environment to create real-time dialogue with viewers.
What's more, people really enjoy it when reporters and editors join the fray and comment back. "That is one thing that would keep the newspapers connected to their readers," Tolles adds.