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CISPCardholder Information Security Program (Visa)
CISPCardholder Information Security Program
CISPComitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (International Committee for the Development of Populations)
CISPCongress on Image and Signal Processing
CISPCertified IRA Services Professional (American Bankers Association)
CISPCommercial Internet Service Provider
CISPComputer Information Science Programming (Los Rios Community College District; California)
CISPCounterintelligence Support Plan
CISPCaledon Institute of Social Policy (Canada)
CISPClassification Internationale des Soins de Santé Primaires (International Classification of Primary Care)
CISPCounterintelligence Strategic Parnership (US FBI)
CISPCast-Iron Soil Pipe (drainage)
CISPCommunity Intensive Supervision Program
CISPCooperative Insurance System of the Philippines
CISPCentres Internationaux de Séjours de Paris (French tourism agency)
CISPCapital Investment Strategic Plan
CISPCable Internet Service Provider
CISPCertified International Safety Practitioner
CISPCritical Infrastructure Security Project (USACE)
CISPCommunity Initiative Support Programme
CISPCheminform Saint-Petersburg Ltd
CISPCommand Instrument System Processor
CISPCTC Instrumentation Systems Plan/Program
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Atlant Telecom, the biggest commercial internet service provider in Belarus, has unveiled the Intelligent Services Gateway technology to its customers in the West residential quarter of the city of Minsk.
The arrival of new commercial internet service providers and websites seemed to serve the open spirit of the early internet by broadening access to many new users, including those without tech knowledge.
This will translate into a variety of access options from remote access for academic and school students through a campus network to dial-up access through commercial internet service providers (ISPs) for home access.
If the DOST is unable to provide the wireless Internet connection, the commercial Internet service providers would be tapped to provide the free services.
The Defense Department announced it is expanding the program to allow commercial Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, to offer cybersecurity services to participating defense contractors.
More importantly, the court made a landmark pronouncement as part of the 98-page opinion: E-mail stored with commercial Internet service providers (ISP) has the same Fourth Amendment protection and expectation of privacy as phone calls and letters.
The new regulations extend to universities, as well as libraries, airport public wireless networks, and commercial Internet service providers, provisions of the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act.
Enforcement: Only the federal government, state attorneys general and commercial Internet service providers can bring a criminal or civil action under the law; individuals cannot.
FRONTIER Internet Services Limited is one of the UK's leading commercial internet service providers and the longest established privately-owned ISP in Britain.
Commercial Internet service providers offer forums and chat rooms for people with different illnesses and conditions.
For foul behavior by individuals online, Dyson says that commercial Internet service providers ought to be the first line of defense.
"Now that the Internet has become one of the primary mechanisms for delivering information, services and applications to the general public, and the primary means of collaboration and doing business, it is especially important that commercial Internet Service Providers not be able to unilaterally control or manipulate the content of these communications.
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