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COMLCensus of Marine Life (also seen as CML)
COMLCommunications Unit Leader (various organizations)
COMLCircle Oil Maroc Ltd. (Morocco)
COMLComplement-Mediated Lysis
COMLCommercial Language
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Although English is the common commercial language throughout the world, on its own, it is not enough.
While German is this resort's commercial language, street signs are posted in Romansh.
The speed at which today's PC can provide the information when using a high-level commercial language is breathtaking compared with a few years ago.
It wouldn't take long for Meg to run the reports, Rick knew, with her commercial language.
Within a couple of years, managers became able to get much better access to their information by the creation of commercial languages.
It was really in the mid-1980s that the more progressive mortgage banking companies, such as Meg's, began to use commercial languages that were less technical, higher level languages.
For applications where the number of records is not very large, commercial languages make a giant step forward in terms of speed.
Mr Mathews blames the reluctance of British would-be exporters to learn foreign languages on the fact that English is the world's most widely-used commercial language.
It kind of made the job worthier, opening our minds as it did to the way other people live, across age groups and social strata, ultimately contributing to ad people's ability to converse fluently in various commercial languages.
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