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For example, the Moody's/REAL commercial property price index was down 2.8 percent over the year ending in April 2008.
The Moody's/REAL Commercial Property Price Index (Moody's/REAL) shows property values rising 81 percent between the end of 2001 and the end of 2007.
According to the Moody's/REAL Commercial Property Price Index, values rose 16.3 percent during 2004, another 14.7 percent in 2005, another 8.4 percent in 2006 and an additional 8.3 percent in 2007.
Moody's/REAL Commercial Property Price Index said $2.2 trillion of properties acquired or refinanced in early 2004 lost value since the transaction, and many of these properties, typically leveraged 70 percent to 80 percent, will face significant refinancing hurdles even if prices held firm.
For example, a Wall Street Journal article, published on August 12, included the headline "Surge in Commercial Real Estate Prices Stirs Bubble Worries: Soaring demand for commercial properties has drawn comparisons to delirious boom of the mid-2000s." The article displayed a number of graphs that highlighted the almost exponential increases in the commercial property price index, the volume of quarterly sales, and private equity fundraising since the market trough in 2009.
The Moody's/RCA Commercial Property Price Index's broadest measure slipped 30 basis points in January--its first decline since early 2010.
Although some analysts think pricing is at peak, the Moody's/RCA Commercial Property Price Index forecasts price appreciation for the next several quarters.
Commercial real estate prices were down 3.5 percent nationwide at the end of May from the previous month, according to Moodys/REAL Commercial Property Price Index.
Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported that the Moody's/ REAL Commercial Property Price Index shows commercial property prices in the nation climbed by 2.4 percent on a monthly basis.
The Moody's/RCA Commercial Property Price Indexes (CPPI) increased 1.6 percent in August, led by a 1.8 percent rise in core commercial properties.
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