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CRELCommercial Real Estate Loan
CRELChemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory (Washington University in St. Louis and Kasetsart University)
CRELContactless Registry Event Listener (digital money)
CRELCOMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab (software)
CRELCentro Regionale Etnografico Linguistico (Italian: Regional Center of Ethnography Language)
CRELCircular Regional Externa de Lisboa
CRELCentrica Renewable Energy Ltd. (Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK)
CRELCentre for Reproduction and Early Life (University of Nottingham; UK)
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financial system, talks about commercial real estate loan risk in its new annual report.
According to Reuters, the firm has sold a portfolio of UK commercial real estate loans to Promontoria Holding, an affiliate of Cerberus Global Investors, for GBP352m.
The price of commercial real estate loans in the secondary market fell slightly in June, reported DebtX, Boston.
Metropolitan National Bank is the only institution in New York City and New York State included on American Banker's nationwide list of community banks with the largest portfolios of commercial real estate loans.
In September, DebtX priced 56,992 commercial real estate loans with a $667.
This increased attention to detail means, for example, that publicly-held financial services firms must properly account for every liability, including environmental exposure on commercial real estate loans.
PNC Real Estate Finance, a leading provider of financial products and services to the commercial real estate industry, plans to use Bluewire to enhance the efficiency of its commercial real estate loan origination processing.
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