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The settlement had grown to encompass most of the present Sydney metropolitan area with subsidiary commissary stores at Parramatta, Liverpool, Toongabbie and Windsor, detached settlements at Newcastle, on the Derwent and at Port Dalrymple in Van Diemens Land and at Norfolk Island, all of which were staffed by minor commissary officers and storemen, in some cases senior NCOs of the garrison.
The commissary store had severe problems, but Brown succeeded in solving them.
Brown quickly organized and set up a mock commissary store in the television studio, brought in four enlisted people to describe their jobs, and narrated the show.
The Defense Commissary Agency, which operates 255 commissary stores worldwide, is expanding its building to move more than 200 employees back onto the installation to comply with BRAC requirements.
Reagan National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2005 authorized the Secretary of Defense to conduct a pilot project involving the sale of film, one-time use cameras, and telephone cards in not less than 10 commissary stores for a period selected by the Secretary, but not less than 6 months.
While commissary stores are retail operations, they are not open to the general public.
Commissary stores have not traditionally used electronic anti-shoplifting tags, but beginning late in 1993, Trout headed up a ninety-day test of electronic tags in three of the California commissaries.
By 1909, the Naval Appropriations Act established the first official resale activity, the Ships Stores and Commissary Stores.
Contract Awarded to Provide in-store specialty delicatessen and bakery resale operations at 10 commissary stores located in Georgia
Contract Awarded To Provide Plastic T-Shirt Shopping Bags For All Commissary Stores In The Continential United States
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