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COMACCommercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (est. 2008; Shanghai, China)
COMACCoordinate Modal Assurance Criterion
COMACCentral Oregon Motorcycle and ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Club
COMACCommon Accident
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The most common accident for a young driver in an urban area is at a junction, and 43% of young men and 46% of young women struggle to cope with busyjunctionsn in towns and cities.
The section covers releases and/or waivers of liability, common accident types including accidents involving dogs, product defects and liability, and cycling setting defects and liability.
By far the most common accident involving ladders is overreaching--stretching too far to one side or the other.
The report, "Safety in Student Transportation: A Resource Guide for Colleges and Universities," examines common accident causes and offers travel safety guidelines.
OSHA inspection emphases or simple numerical anomalies, but the most common accident characteristics are those cited.
If both spouses die as a result of a common accident, the tables are not used, even if it can be shown that one spouse survived the other (Regs.
Think about how you can prevent these five common accident causes in your normal operations.
The second most common accident involves immersing the phone in liquid, and following in third place is the 13 percent of users who reported that their iPhone became damaged after it fell out of their lap.
The characters appear in the agency's new interactive DVD, which sets out the 10 most common accident scenarios likely to involve young drivers - and their consequences.
The Safe Speed campaign's founder Paul Smith said: ``When the main causes of accidents involve drivers failing to properly observe or react to road hazards,it should be obvious that the modern emphasis on speed-limit enforcement by camera risks increasing these common accident types,as precious and vital driver attention is diverted to the speedometer, speed limits and the risk of speed enforcement operations.
A This is a fairly common accident especially in city centres.