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COMPASSComputer Assurance (Conference)
COMPASSCondensed-Phase Optimized Molecular Potentials for Atomistic Simulation Studies (molecular mechanics)
COMPASSConference on Computer Assurance
COMPASSCommonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services
COMPASSCoalition for the Modernization and Protection of America's Social Security
COMPASSComputer-Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System
COMPASSCurricular Options in Mathematics Programs for All Secondary Students
COMPASSCommon Muon and Proton Apparatus for Structure and Spectroscopy
COMPASSCommon Operational Modeling, Planning, and Simulation Strategy (US DoD)
COMPASSComprehensive Algebraic Approach to System Specification and Development (ESPRIT Project 6112)
COMPASSCommunity Participation for Action in the Social Sector (USAID health and education project in Nigeria)
COMPASSComputerized Movement Planning and Status System (US DoD)
COMPASSCosmic Microwave Polarization At Small Scales (telescope)
COMPASSComputer-Aided Scheduling System
COMPASSComputer-Assisted Surveillance System
COMPASSComputer-Alerted Surveillance System
COMPASSCommercial Object Model of Product/Process for an Advanced Shipbuilding System (DARPA/Intergraph program)
COMPASSComputerized Optimization Model for Predicting and Analyzing Support Scenarios
COMPASSCommunity Personal Assistance Services and Supports Grant
COMPASSCorrectness, Modeling, and Performance of Aerospace Systems (workshop)
COMPASSCentral Office Maintenance Printout Analysis and Suggestion System
COMPASSCommunications Planning Assistant
COMPASSComprehensive On-Line Maintenance Purchasing and Store System
COMPASSUSAF Programs Involving Battle Field Surveillance
COMPASSClinical Optimization Military Provider AHTLA Satisfaction Strategy