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CONIComitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (Italian Olympic Committee)
CONICommon Nighthawk (bird species Chordeiles minor)
CONICare of the Next Infant (UK)
CONICost Of Non-Investment
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While whip-poor-wills and common nighthawks have widespread breeding distributions throughout New York, chuck-will's-widows just make it into the southern portion of the state, and are a relatively new addition to the state's avifauna.
Efforts are underway to combat the decline in man-made nesting habitat used by common nighthawks.
At dusk, when those researchers are sitting down to supper, Brigham is likely to be out in the grassy hills of western Canada looking at bats and bullbats, properly known as common nighthawks.
Common nighthawks, which nest as far north as the Yukon and Labrador, winter as far south as Argentina.
Since several hundred common nighthawks forage at the site on a nightly basis (Brigham and Fenton, 1991), it is unlikely that pseudoreplication was a severe problem.
Although the abundance of insects [greater than]5 mm was relatively low in the Cypress Hills, diet of common nighthawks was contrary to the prediction derived from optimal foraging theory.